by Matthew Lawrence

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I got bounce in my step from the Spirit of God,
That's been given cause I'm livin in the body of Christ,
Its so nice of the rhythm how it's makin you Nod,
To be down with your boy that's employin advice. (Repeat)

If you allow me for a moment only to enter your intellect,
Movin to the rhythm is how I'm gainin respect,
Feelin as I'm reelin in the attention span
Of a man who is incapable of understanding,
As I'm handing, over information that was givin to be a sarcrifice that is living,
Causes you to think, only then for you to sink,
And fall in line with the purpose for the greater of His planning,
*Jehovah Jireh, in the Name of Yeshua,
No other name under heaven could save me or you from,
Death and destruction, followin this function,
Of scripture could lead you to see the entire picture,
*Now you're fixtured, placed in the area of what it is to receive, when then you believe, and achieve a new goal on this road of life, and make way for the peace to cease all the strife.

(Chorus 2x)

Now it's, influential, check the credentials,
from biblical aspects and calculate the ratio,
Evidently evidence is seen within the relevance,
Of all that is created through the glory of His presence,
Take a breather, that oxygen you breathin,
is seein that is believin in somethin in-comprehensive,
Without offensive, behavior let me savor the moment
And momentarily incorporate this love trate,
Through what was illustrated, now I demonstrate it,
Portray it, so you can see a visual and captivate it,
Overwhelmed to respond, reject it or receive it,
Believe it to be contagious; you'll want to Achieve this,
Greater goal with the role of a believer,
Followin the truth and no longer the deceiver,
Reader of the Inspirational Word of truth,
And experience the joy that's employin right unto you.

(Chorus 2x)


released September 18, 2014
Produced, Written and Recorded by: Matthew Lawrence



all rights reserved


Matthew Lawrence

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